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Colecovision Games Videos

This is a collection of video clips recorded while briefly playing some of the games in my Colecovision collection.
These are original games, played on original Colecovision hardware, with a camera pointing at the TV screen... not video grabs taken from an emulator - hence the somewhat dodgy video quality of some of the clips

Colecovision Retro Game, Cosmic Avenger - Video Clip
Cosmic Avenger
Classic retro video game, Donkey Kong, on Colecovision.
Donkey Kong
Retreo game, Mouse Trap, on Colecovision - Video clip.
Mouse Trap
Rocky Super Action Boxing, retro gaming on Colecovision
Smurf on Colecovision, retro gaming video clip
Classic vintage gaming on Colecovision retro console.
Space Panic

The comments in these clips should by no means be taken as definitive, as the games were very often being played for the first time, or the first time in many years, and are based entirely on first impressions.

The objective here was merely to show what classic console and computer games looked like in days gone by, for the benefit of "the playstation generation", who may be unfamiliar with such vintage games and systems.

They are also here for nostalgia purposes, for that "I remember this game from when I was a kid" moment.

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