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Vintage Computers and Retro Consoles Price Guide (# - B)

This is a list of very approximate values that you might expect to see *on closing auctions* when buying or selling vintage computers, retro games consoles and handhelds on ebay (uk). "Buy It Now" values will usually be much higher.

I must stress that these values are very approximate, being prices that I have either paid myself, or observed as end prices while watching vintage computer and retro console auctions on ebay (from 2007 - 2010).
As such, they can not be taken as any guarantee that you should expect a similar value when buying or selling items yourself, but they should give you a rough idea.
Also, these prices are for systems that are stated as being in full working order, and include power supplies, and the necessary equipment to make them work.
You could certainly buy cheaper for items that don't work, or have bits missing.

The list is by no means complete, as I have not watched auctions on anything approaching every games system available. I will update the list as and when I have the necessary prices or values.

I should also point out that values vary depending on the time of year (which I find quite curious), as I have noticed that gaming consoles and computers consistently fetch a higher price during the summer months (sometimes achieving nearly twice the value in the summer, for rarer items). The current economic climate has also had a notable downward effect on final sale prices compared with a couple of years ago.

Please do not email me offering to buy or sell old systems, or ask the value of a particular system. All such messages will be ignored.
None of the consoles or computers in my collection are for sale, and I only buy from ebay or car-boot sales.
If the value of the system you have in mind isn't here, I don't know it, and would only do what you could do yourself... look for one on ebay.

Other places worth checking when buying, and possibly selling retro games systems are Retro Scene,, or Console Passion

Price Guide: (# - B) ... (C - M) ... (N - R) ... (S - Z)

3DO retro games console 3DO - Retro games console.
£28 - £60. Models by Panasonic, Sanyo and Goldstar.
I have seen the occasional "brand new", boxed and sealed example, with a "buy it now" of around £400, but I don't think anyone ever actually paid that much for one.
They're nice, but they aren't a big deal.

Acorn Archimedes vintage computer Acorn Archimedes
There are many ex-school machines which can be in very tatty shape, but still work. These can sell very cheaply and are a bit of a bargain if you don't mind a battered looking machine.

A420 - Vintage computer.
30 +/-
A3000 - Vintage computer.
10 - £90+. Older and slower than the 3010 & 3020.
A3010 - Vintage computer.
30 - 80. (120 with retro-fitted hard drive) . This has a TV modulator and no hard drive as standard, being intended as a home computer.
A3020 - Vintage computer.
10 - 65. .This is almost the same, but has a hard drive and no tv modulator, being intended more for education and business markets.
A4000 - Vintage computer.
A5000 - Vintage Computer.
A7000 - Vintage computer.
20 - 48.
RISC PC 600 - Vintage computer.
£10 - £35.
RISC PC 700 - Vintage computer.
45 - £100

Acorn Atom vintage computer Acorn Atom - Vintage computer.
£100 - £245. These are very hard to find, so could possibly fetch a much higher price if collectors get into a bidding war. Be careful though, as these are fragile, and can arrive dead through the post, due to vibration loosening the chips.

Acorn BBC Micro Model B vintage computer Acorn BBC Model B - Vintage computer
£20 - £100 depending on condition, and whether software, box and peripherals are included. Not to be confused with the BBC Master.

Acorn BBC Master - Vintage Computer.
12 - £75. More capable and expandable than the model B, though the Model B has more nostalgia value for many people.

Acorn BBC Master Compact - Vintage Computer.
£120 +/-. A BBC Master with separate keyboard. Not at all common.

Acorn Electron vintage home computer Acorn Electron - Vintage computer.
20 - 30. Quite common.

Amstrad CPC464 vintage home computer Amstrad CPC 464 - Vintage computer.
11 - 70, depending on condition and whether the monitor is included. Colour monitors obviously fetch more than the green screen ones. Expect high shipping charges when a monitor is included.

Amstrad CPC 6128 vintage home computer Amstrad CPC 6128 - Vintage computer. £16 (unboxed, no monitor) - £80+ ( with a colour monitor.)

Amstrad GX4000 retro games console Amstrad GX 4000 - Retro games console. £25 - £50, depending on condition and whether boxed.

Amstrad Mega PC vintage home computer and retro games console Amstrad Mega PC - Vintage computer and retro games console. £125+. Very rare, though being quirky, values could vary wildly.

Apple Bandai Pippin Atmark rare retro games console Apple Bandai Pippin Atmark - Retro games console.
£200+. An extremely rare and desirable system, though virtually no games ever appear for sale for it.
This system mostly seems to appear from sellers in China. I don't know if the Pippin ever actually sold in China, so I would recommend caution, especially with such a valuable item.

Apple ][ Europlus or IIe vintage computer Apple ][ Europlus or IIe - Vintage computer.
£50 - £110. These don't turn up very often.

Apple III - Vintage computer.
£122. These are extremely rare, and I have only seen one sold. This was described as needing work, so a healthy one would probably sell for a lot more.

Apple Mac Classic II Apple Mac Classic II - Vintage computer.
£60+. Just like modern Macs, vintage Apples don't come cheap.

Apple Mac SE value price Apple Mac SE - Vintage Computer.
£50 +/-

Atari 400 and 800 vintage computers Atari 400 & 800 - Vintage computers.
£30 - £100. Immaculate boxed Atari 800s are highly prized.

Atari 600XL, 800XL, XE etc, vintage home computers Atari 600XL 800XL, XE, etc - Vintage computers.
£10 - £55, depending on condition, inclusion of software, peripherals, box, etc.

Atari XEGS XE Games System Atari XEGS - Retro games console.
13 - 150. Consoleised 65XE. Not too many about. Value fluctuates wildly.

Atari 2600 VCS retro games console Atari 2600 - Retro games console.
£100+ for "Sunnyvale Heavy Sixer" A mint, boxed, Heavy Sixer would fetch a *very* good price. I've never seen one yet though.
Be aware that many sellers do not know the difference between a common 6 switch woody and a heavy sixer. So while you may get a bargain, if they have a heavy sixer, but don't know it... be very careful when they say it is one, as it quite often isn't.
See my Atari 2600 page for details on how to identify these models.
£10 - £50 for standard 4 or 6 switch"Woody". Large games bundles which are often included will raise the price.
£30 - £40 for the black 4 switch "Vader".
£7 - £20 for the various "Junior" models.

Atari 7800 retro games console Atari 7800 - Retro games console.
£10 - £50. Fairly common. Price depends on whether games are bundled.

Atari Jaguar retro games console Atari Jaguar - Retro games console.
£22 - £60+. Immaculate boxed examples including rare games can sell for much more. In fact, some of the games turn out to be worth more than the console itself.

Atari Jaguar CD Attachment retro games console Atari Jaguar CD Attachment - Retro games console.
£130+. These are quite rare and highly prized.

Atari Lynx classic handheld games console Atari Lynx - Retro handheld games console.
£20 - £35. Very common.

Atari Portfolio vintage handheld computer Atari Portfolio - Vintage handheld computer.
£20 - £45. More, if manuals and network adaptors are included. More common than you would expect.

Atari ST vintage computer Atari ST - Vintage computer.
£10 - £65. The 1040 should fetch more than the 520, but included bundles of software or attachments, and general demand, can make final values unpredictable. Quite common.

Atari Stacy vintage computer Atari Stacy (ST Laptop) - Vintage computer.
£255 - £1,230!!! So... a bit rare then.

Bandai Wonderswan retro handheld games console Bandai Wonderswan - Retro handheld games console.
£15 - £35. More common than you would expect for a Japan only handheld, though the average person on the street won't have heard of them.
A wonderswan Color, Gundam Limited Edition sold in Feb 09 for £114, so certain models can certainly be considered more desirable.

Bit Corporation Gamate Bit Corporation Gameate - Retro handheld games console.
£80+ Extremely naff but extremely rare attempt to copy the success of the Game Boy.

Price Guide: (# - B) ... (C - M) ... (N - R) ... (S - Z)

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