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Vintage Computers and Retro Consoles Price Guide (S - Z)

This is a list of very approximate values that you might expect to see *on closing auctions* when buying or selling vintage computers, retro games consoles and handhelds on ebay (uk). "Buy It Now" values will usually be much higher.

I must stress that these values are very approximate, being prices that I have either paid myself, or observed as end prices while watching vintage computer and retro console auctions on ebay (from 2007 - 2010).
As such, they can not be taken as any guarantee that you should expect a similar value when buying or selling items yourself, but they should give you a rough idea.
Also, these prices are for systems that are stated as being in full working order, and include power supplies, and the necessary equipment to make them work.
You could certainly buy cheaper for items that don't work, or have bits missing.

The list is by no means complete, as I have not watched auctions on anything approaching every games system available. I will update the list as and when I have the necessary prices or values.

I should also point out that values vary depending on the time of year (which I find quite curious), as I have noticed that gaming consoles and computers consistently fetch a higher price during the summer months (sometimes achieving nearly twice the value in the summer, for rarer items).

Please do not email me offering to buy or sell old systems, or ask the value of a particular system. All such messages will be ignored.
None of the consoles or computers in my collection are for sale, and I only buy from ebay or car-boot sales.
If the value of the system you have in mind isn't here, I don't know it, and would only do what you could do yourself... look for one on ebay.

Other places worth checking when buying, and possibly selling retro games systems are Retro Scene,, or Console Passion

Price Guide: (# - B) ... (C - M) ... (N - R) ... (S - Z)

Sam Coupe vintage computer Sam Coupe - Vintage computer.
£100 - £260. Depends on condition, whether boxed, and included peripherals. Very sought after.

Sega 32X retro games console Sega 32X - Retro games console.
£40 - £150. Depends on condition, whether boxed, and bundled games. Demand varies a lot for these too, affecting end prices greatly. Make sure all video leads are included, as these are extremely hard to find separately.

Sega Dreamcast retro games console Sega Dreamcast - Retro games console.
£20 - £40. Lovely machine, but too recent and common to command a higher price.

Sega Game Gear retro handheld games console Sega Game Gear - Retro handheld games console.
£16 - £35 depending on bundled games.
Be careful to check that the sound works, as this is a common fault.

Sega Master System retro games console Sega Master System - Retro games console.
£15 - £30. Very common.

Sega Mega CD retro games console Sega Mega CD - Retro games console.
£35 - £50. Depends on condition. Fairly common.

Sega Mega Drive retro games console Sega Mega Drive - Retro games console.
£10 - £30. Depends on condition and bundled games. Very common.

Sega Multimega or Wondermega retro games console Sega MultiMega or WonderMega - Retro games console.
£80 - £150. Quite rare and very desirable.

Sega Nomad retro handheld games console Sega Nomad - Retro games console.
£50 - £150. Very sought after, but there are a lot of very tatty examples that haven't been looked after.

Sega Saturn retro games console Sega Saturn - Retro games console.
£17 - £40. Very common.

Sharp MZ-80K vintage computer Sharp MZ-80K - Vintage computer.
£40 - £312. Old and quite rare. Have been seen to go cheaply near Christmas, and for crazy money in summer.

Sinclair PC200 vintage computer Sinclair PC200 - Vintage computer. £80 - £130. Quite rare.

Sinclair ZX80 vintage computer Sinclair ZX80 - Vintage computer.
£97 - £311. Another "Holy Grail" computer. Values vary depending on condition, and whether it's boxed. Expect to see bidding wars on clean examples. Probably the 2nd most sought after computer after the Jupiter Ace.

Sinclair ZX81 vintage computer Sinclair ZX81 - Vintage computer.
£20 - £50. Very old, but not as rare as you might expect.
A sealed boxed kit version was seen to sell on ebay for 180 in 2011, but this is quite unusual.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum vintage computer Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Vintage computer.
£25+ for 16k with rubber keys (there are very few of these around).
£20 - £25 for 48k with rubber keys or 48k+ with plastic keys.
£35 - £90 for 128 with heat sink.
£6 - £30 for 128 +2 with tape drive. The black one is much more desirable than the grey one and sells for notably more.
£30 - £56 for 128 +3 with disk drive.

Sinclair QL vintage computer Sinclair QL - Vintage computer.
£35 - £166 depending on condition and bundled software or peripherals. There are usually one or two at any given time on ebay, but their condition can vary greatly.

Neo Geo AES retro games console SNK Neo Geo AES - Retro games console.
£100 - £300. These are by no means rare, but they *always* command a high price. Bundled software pushes values up a lot.
Stepdown converters and ntsc compatible tvs required for non-english examples.
The Japanese model is compatible with all regions, and so is the most desirable.
Original arcade style joystick boosts prices, though many are quite worn, with cracked "balls".

Neo Geo CD retro games console SNK Neo Geo CD - Retro games console.
£50+. Less desirable than the AES, as there are fewer games, loading times are very long, and they aren't entirely reliable.

Neo Geo CDZ retro games console SNK Neo Geo CDZ - Retro games console.
£90+/-. Less desirable than the AES, but more than the Neo Geo CD as it's more reliable and has faster loading.

Neo geo Pocket Colour retro handheld games console SNK Neo Geo Pocket Colour - Retro handheld games console.
£20 - £35. Values dropped after unsold stock entered uk shops at reduced prices, a few years ago. Always easy to find on ebay.

Sony Playstation PS1 Sony Playstation / PS1 - Retro games console.
3 (yes, seriously) - £20. Very common. The earlier model has reliability issues.

Tandy TRS-80 Model 1, 2, 3, 4, vintage home computer Tandy TRS-80 Models 1 to 4 - Vintage computers.
£80 - £200. Depends on condition. Expect high shipping charges, as these are heavy. Rarer than might be expected.

Tandy TRS-80 Model MC-10 vintage home computer Tandy TRS-80 Model MC-10 - Vintage computer.
£14. Falls between the ZX81 and Tandy CoCo in capability. Rare, but undervalued. I've only ever seen one for sale on ebay, so far.

Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer I and II vintage home computer Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer I and II - Vintage computers.
£35 - £50. Depends on condition and whether boxed. Maybe one or two per month, on ebay.

Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer III vintage home computer Tandy TR-S80 Color Computer III - Vintage computer.
£130. I've only ever seen one of these sold, so values may vary a lot.

Tapwave Zodiac retro handheld games console Tapwave Zodiac - Retro handheld games console.
£37 - £51. These don't appear often, so values are unpredictable.

Tatung Einstein vintage computer Tatung Einstein - Vintage computer.
£30 - £75 . Quite rare, but doesn't cause too much excitement when they turn up.

Texas Instruments TI99/4A vintage computer Texas Instruments TI99/4A - Vintage computer.
£20 - £70. Depends on condition. Demand fluctuates a lot.

Tiger retro handheld games console Tiger - Retro handheld games console.
£5 - £25. Not as common as you'd expect, given the low price they attract.
They don't attract high prices, largely because they are, frankly, rubbish.

Timex Sinclair 1500 value price Timex Sinclair 1500 - Vintage Computer.
£170 +/-. US version of a Sinclair ZX81, but in a grey version of the Sinclair Spectrum case. Rare in the UK.

Triumph Adler Alphatronic PC - Vintage Computer.
£102 +/-. Z80 based machine used as a word processor or dumb terminal in officed or for programming in BASIC at home. Could run CPM from floppy disk. Probably rare. I've never seen one in the wild.

Quickshot Supervision retro handheld games console Watara / Quickshot Supervision - Retro handheld games console.
£15 - £50. Depends on condition, whether boxed, and games included.

Price Guide: (# - B) ... (C - M) ... (N - R) ... (S - Z)

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