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Vintage Computers and Retro Consoles Price Guide (N - R)

This is a list of very approximate values that you might expect to see *on closing auctions* when buying or selling vintage computers, retro games consoles and handhelds on ebay (uk). "Buy It Now" values will usually be much higher.

I must stress that these values are very approximate, being prices that I have either paid myself, or observed as end prices while watching vintage computer and retro console auctions on ebay (from 2007 - 2010).
As such, they can not be taken as any guarantee that you should expect a similar value when buying or selling items yourself, but they should give you a rough idea.
Also, these prices are for systems that are stated as being in full working order, and include power supplies, and the necessary equipment to make them work.
You could certainly buy cheaper for items that don't work, or have bits missing.

The list is by no means complete, as I have not watched auctions on anything approaching every games system available. I will update the list as and when I have the necessary prices or values.

I should also point out that values vary depending on the time of year (which I find quite curious), as I have noticed that gaming consoles and computers consistently fetch a higher price during the summer months (sometimes achieving nearly twice the value in the summer, for rarer items).

Please do not email me offering to buy or sell old systems, or ask the value of a particular system. All such messages will be ignored.
None of the consoles or computers in my collection are for sale, and I only buy from ebay or car-boot sales.
If the value of the system you have in mind isn't here, I don't know it, and would only do what you could do yourself... look for one on ebay.

Other places worth checking when buying, and possibly selling retro games systems are Retro Scene,, or Console Passion

Price Guide: (# - B) ... (C - M) ... (N - R) ... (S - Z)

NEC PC Engine retro games console NEC PC Engine - Retro games console.
£35 - £65. Depends on model. Those including CD drives fetch more. Quite common.

NEC PC Engine GT Turbo Express retro handheld games console NEC PC Engine GT / TurboExpress - Retro handheld games console.
£35 - £90. They used to cost more, but examples have been turning up regularly from Hong Kong, pushing the price down.
Watch out for examples with broken sound.
The Japanese model has more software than the American Turbo Express. Their games are region specific.

NEC PC Engine Super Grafx NEC PC Engine Super Grafx - Retro games console.
110+ These were never sold in the UK and failed in their Japanese home market, so are very rare.

NEC PC FX retro games console NEC PC FX - Retro games console.
£95+. Only sold in Japan and not overly successful. Quite rare and collectable.

Nintendo 64 retro games console Nintendo 64 - Retro games console.
£5 - £50. Very common. Bundled games will increase the sale price.

Nintendo Game Boy retro handheld games console Nintendo Game Boy, Original, Colour and Pocket - Retro handheld games consoles.
£10 - £15. Very common.

Nintendo Game Boy Advance retro handheld games console Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Retro handheld games console.
£2 - £20. SP and Micro models may fetch a little more, but not much.

Nintendo NES retro games console Nintendo NES - Retro games console.
£25 - £50. Refurbished models with new 72pin connectors fetch the best prices, as they are much more reliable. NES values are on the increase lately, which is curious, as even though they are old, they are extremely common.

Nintendo SNES retro games console Nintendo SNES - Retro games console.
£20 - £45. Depends on bundled games.

Nintendo Virtual Boy retro games console Nintendo Virtual Boy - Retro games console.
£40 - £150. Battered examples with broken stands can be found quite cheaply. Mint, boxed examples can sell for vastly more, though 2008 values seem somewhat lower than in 2007. For Nintendo collectors, particulalry in the uk, this is often considerd a "Holy Grail".

Oric 1 and Oric Atmos vintage computers Oric 1 and Atmos - Vintage computers.
£25 - £90. The Atmos should fetch more than the Oric 1, but this is by no means guaranteed. You may not see one on every visit to ebay, but they do turn up on a fairly regular basis.

Philips CDi retro games console Philips CD-i - Retro games console.
£10 - £70. Values for these not only vary greatly depending on model (more advanced ones with video CD capabilities are worth more), but also vary wildly depending on demand, which is very unpredictable.
Be sure that the remote control is included. Sticky CD drawers are common.

Philips G7000 Videopac Magnavox Odyssey II retro games console Philips G7000 Videopac / Magnavox Odyssey II - Retro games console.
£10 - £50. Just starting to get quite collectable.

Pong ping pong table tennis tv game retro games console "Pong" or "TV Game" systems - retro games console.
£5 - £20.
Binatone, Granstand, Radofin, and a billion others... yes, they are very old, but be under no illusions, these saturated the market in the late 70s, and so are not remotely rare.

Radofin Programmable Video System 1392 retro games console Radofin Programmable Video System (1392) - Retro games console.
£5+. Not at all common, and very old, but no-one seems interested in buying them, hence the low value.

Reasearch Machines Link 480Z Research Machines Link 480Z - Vintage computer.
85+/-. White plastic ones are rare as hens teeth, while black metal ones are even rarer. Value can fluctuate wildly, as while rarity suggests high value, often people just don't know what they are.

Price Guide: (# - B) ... (C - M) ... (N - R) ... (S - Z)

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