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Vintage Computers and Retro Consoles Price Guide (C - M)

This is a list of very approximate values that you might expect to see *on closing auctions* when buying or selling vintage computers, retro games consoles and handhelds on ebay (uk). "Buy It Now" values will usually be much higher.

I must stress that these values are very approximate, being prices that I have either paid myself, or observed as end prices while watching vintage computer and retro console auctions on ebay (from 2007 - 2010).
As such, they can not be taken as any guarantee that you should expect a similar value when buying or selling items yourself, but they should give you a rough idea.
Also, these prices are for systems that are stated as being in full working order, and include power supplies, and the necessary equipment to make them work.
You could certainly buy cheaper for items that don't work, or have bits missing.

The list is by no means complete, as I have not watched auctions on anything approaching every games system available. I will update the list as and when I have the necessary prices or values.

I should also point out that values vary depending on the time of year (which I find quite curious), as I have noticed that gaming consoles and computers consistently fetch a higher price during the summer months (sometimes achieving nearly twice the value in the summer, for rarer items).

Please do not email me offering to buy or sell old systems, or ask the value of a particular system. All such messages will be ignored.
None of the consoles or computers in my collection are for sale, and I only buy from ebay or car-boot sales.
If the value of the system you have in mind isn't here, I don't know it, and would only do what you could do yourself... look for one on ebay.

Other places worth checking when buying, and possibly selling retro games systems are Retro Scene,, or Console Passion

Price Guide: (# - B) ... (C - M) ... (N - R) ... (S - Z)

Camputers Lynx vintage computer Camputers Lynx - Vintage computer.
£50 - £130. Very rare. Spectrum era computer. Several different models available, with varying amounts of RAM and not all entirely compatible with each other. None were successful, mostly due to a complete lack of software support.

CBS Colecovision retro games console Colecovision - Retro games console.
£35 - £65+. Old and desirable. If you find a good one for less than £40, consider it a bargain.

CGL Sord M5 vintage computer CGL (Sord) M5 - Vintage computer.
£20 - £65. Quite rare, but demand is unpredictable.

Commodore Amiga vintage computer Commodore Amiga - Vintage computer.
A1000 £90+
A500 and A600 £12 - £70 depending on software and expansions included.
A1200 £35 - £95 depending on software and included expansions.
A1200s in Tower systems with extra processors and bus boards could go for as much as £300 or more. 68060 cpu accelerators can sell for £300 on their own, so bear this in mind. (A 1200 tower with 060 and PPC603 accelerator card, mediator board and many extras was seen to sell for £999 in 2011)
A1500 and A2000 £40 - £50+. As with A1200s, included upgrades can boost values hugely.
A3000 and A4000 £70 - £450, depending on specs. Tower systems could go between £150 - £500+. An Amiga Technologies A4000T with Cyberstorm PPC Card was seen to sell for 4,300 in spring of 2011.

Commodore CD32 retro games consoleCommodore CD32 - Retro games console.
£25 - £80. Depends on condition, software and expansions.

Commodore CDTV retro games console Commodore CDTV - Retro games console.
£70+. Quite hard to find good examples with remote control etc. Examples with keyboard, mouse, disk drive etc fetch the best prices.
A complete, boxed and unused example sold on ebay recently (Oct 08) for £477!!!

Commodore C16 vintage computer Commodore C16 - Vintage computer.
£20+. Rarer than the C64, but not entirely collectable.

Commodore C64 vintage computer Commodore C64 - Vintage computer.
£10 - £45. Old, but very common.

Commodore C128 vintage computer Commodore C128 - Vintage computer.
£60 - £115. Not as common as the C64.

Commodore C64GS retro games console Commodore C64GS Console - Retro games console.
£70 - £304. Depends on condition, and if boxed, etc. Rare.

Commodore PET vintage computer Commodore PET - Vintage computer.
£21 - £155. Older models fetch the better prices. Expect high shipping charges, as these are very heavy.

Commodore Plus 4 vintage computer Commodore Plus 4 - Vintage computer.
£10 - £65. C16 compatible, not overly collectable.

Commodore SX64 - Vintage Computer.
£150 - £180. Portable C64. Rare as hens teeth and very desirable.

Commodore VIC 20 vintage computer Commodore VIC 20 - Vintage computer.
£25 - £45. Not as many around as C64s, but by no means very rare.

Dragon 32 vintage computer Dragon 32 - Vintage computer.
£25 - £38. Tandy CoCo clone, and though never as popular as Spectrums and C64s, there are still plenty of them around.

EACA Video Genie vintage computer EACA Video Genie - Vintage computer.
£30 - £75. Old and rare, but many people haven't heard of them, so not as desirable as they should be. Expect high shipping charges, as these are very heavy.

EACA Colour Genie vintage computer EACA Colour Genie - Vintage computer.
£40 - £90 . I've only ever seen three working example of these sell on ebay, and was surprised they didn't fetch more, as they are extremely rare.

Enterprise 64 vintage computer Enterprise 64 - Vintage computer.
£45 - £270. Very desirable. Expect to see bidding wars whenever one of these appears. Avoid foreign examples with non-english keyboards, though be aware that many english examples were shipped to Hungary.

Fairchild Channel F Grandstand Video Entertainment Computer retro games console Fairchild Channel F (Grandstand Video Entertainment Computer) - Retro games console.
£20 - £35. Very rare. Oddly, for something that so rarely appears for sale on ebay (uk), these don't command a very high price at all.

FM Towns Marty - Retro games console.
£320 +/-. Exceptionally rare Japanese CD based console version of the FM Towns games computer.

Gizmondo retro handheld games console Gizmondo - Retro handheld games console.
£17 - £50. More if it includes SatNav software.

Grandstand Colour Programmable SD070 retro games console Grandstand Colour Programmable SD070 - Retro games console.
£15 - £20. Not very common, but not very sought after either. A very early cartridge based games console.

Grundy New Brain vintage computer Grundy New Brain - Vintage computer.
£80+. Quite rare. Falls somewhere between the Sinclair ZX81 and Spectrum in terms of ability.

Hektor 2 PT-502 vintage computer Hektor 2 PT-502 - Vintage computer.
£60+. Exceptionally rare. Never sold on the open market, these were loaned to Open University students, to teach computing and programming skills.
No built in BASIC, or any other language that I'm aware of.
When their use was discontinued, most were destroyed.

Jupiter Ace vintage computer Jupiter Ace - Vintage computer.
£142 - £609. *Very* desirable and extremely rare, in fact, *the* most desirable retro computer I know of. If you have a mint, boxed example of one of these, and don't know what it is, consider yourself very lucky, as you are sitting on a small gold mine. Anything seen to sell for below £250 is probably going to be quite a tatty example. Boxed complete items are very much the most desirable examples.
Boxed examples with 16k RAM packs included have been seen to sell for around the £800 mark, while a set comprising a Jupiter Ace +16K RAM pack, a Jupiter Ace 4000 +RAM pack, plus a selection of tape based games was seen to sell in spring 2011 for £2222!!!

Mattel Aquarius vintage computer Mattel Aquarius - Vintage computer.
£25 - £55. Fairly rare, but having been considered quite rubbish back in the day, they don't command a price that reflects their current rarity.

Mattel Intellivision retro games console Mattel Intellivision - Retro games console.
£16 - £40. Depends on software included. Quite common.

MicroBee - Vintage computer.
£60+. Australian manufactured Z80 based computer.

MB Microvision retro handheld games console MB Microvision - Retro handheld games console.
£5+. Oddly for something so old, these don't seem to command very high prices.

MB Vectrex retro games console MB Vectrex - Retro games console.
£25 - £210. Depends on condition and whether boxed. I did hear of one boxed and sealed example that sold for around £300 a few years ago, but you don't see those kinds of prices these days. Tatty ones can be had quite cheaply, but beware of dead buttons on controllers, as a replacement controller may cost you as much as the console itself.

Memotech MTX512 vintage computer Memotech MTX512 - Vintage computer.
£50 - £190. Fairly rare, and gaining in desirability.

MSX vintage computer MSX - Vintage computer.
£10 - £40. Varies depending on specs and manufacturer. Sony machines fetch better prices, Toshiba models are very common, and hence, the cheapest.

Price Guide: (# - B) ... (C - M) ... (N - R) ... (S - Z)

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