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Name: Luke
Location: Japan
Occupation: Electronic's Service Tech, Mechanic, Banking, Teacher, Customer Support,Maintainance and Repair,Car Audio Install...Too many to list.
Hobbies: Reverse engineering, Electronic's Repair, Automotive Repair, Gaming, Playin' the guitar, Comedy, Making an ass out of myself, Driving.
Fave Films & TV: Gone in 60 seconds, Star Wars, Grandma's Boy..funny as hell! Stepbrothers, South Park, Futurama.
Fave Music: Rock, Rap, R&B, anything but country....I heard that stuff waaay too much when I was younger.
Fave Books: Ah......Repair Manuals i.e. Chiltons or Haynes, Strategy Guide's, Car and RC Mag's. Not much of a book reader, just don't have the ambition.
About: Just a gamer and collector who spends his freetime playin' games or fixing something. Trying to have fun while I can and enjoying a variety of hobbies at one time.
YouTube Channel:

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Atari 2600, Famicom 1st and 2nd gen, Famicom Disk System, Sharp Famicom Twin, Famicom Titler, Super Famicom, Virtual Boy, NES, N64, Game Cube, Panasonic Q, Nintendo Wii, Sega SG-1000 II, Master System, Mega Drive, Genesis MK1, Genesis 3, 32X, Sega Mega CD, /Mega CD 2, Sega Saturn, Sega WonderMega, Victor Saturn, Hitachi Saturn, Dreamcast, Philips CD-i, Atari Jaguar, XBOX, XBOX 360, PCFX, PCE Core Grafx, PCE Core Grafx II, PCE Super Grafx, PCE/CD2, PCE Duo, PCE DUO-R, 3DO, PSX, PS1, PS2, PS2 Slim, PS3, Neo-Geo AES, Neo-Geo CD Top, Neo CD Front Loader, Neo-Geo CDZ, SNK Super Neo 29 MVS Arcade (#1), SNK Super Neo 29 MVS Arcade (#2), SNK MVS-U4 Arcade, Sega Astro City ST-V Arcade, Dual Dragon Slot/Skill Machine, Onimusha 3 Slot/Skill Machine, MSX, MSX 2, MSX2 FDD, FM Towns Marty, FM Towns II, Atari Lynx, Game Boy, GB Color, GB Pocket, GB Light, GB Micro, GB Advance, Nintendo DS lite, PSP, PCE GT, Sega Game Gear, Wonderswan, Neo-Geo Pocket,