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Name: James
Location: United Kingdom
Hobbies: Collector of Rare Electronic Tabletops and Handheld Video Games
Fave Films & TV: Futurama is one of my all time favourite cartoons and i've heard it's coming back in 2010!!
About: Hi there and WELCOME to Chipsturs Video Game World. I'm Chips your Presenter and Director and my channel looks in to the Past and Present of Video Games, Consoles, Tabletops, Handhelds and Accessories from the Worst to the Very Best.
YouTube Channel:

Featured Video - My Handheld and Tabletop Collection


Consoles: Super Nintendo Boxed, Super Nintendo No Box, Nintendo 64 Goldeneye Pac Boxed, Nintendo 64 No Box, Nintendo 64 No Box, Nintendo Gamecube Platinum Boxed, Nintendo Gamecube White Boxed, Nintendo Wii Boxed, Nintendo Nes Boxed, Nintendo Nes No Boxed, Sega Mega Drive Boxed, Sega Master System 1 Boxed, Sega Master System 2 Boxed, Sega Master System 2 No Box, Sega Saturn 2 Boxed, Sega Dreamcast Boxed, Philips Videopac G7000 Boxed, Fairchild 2 Boxed, Grandstand TVG 2600 Boxed, Atari ST 500 Boxed, Atari 2600 6 Switch Boxed, Playstation Boxed, Playstation 2 Boxed, Xbox Boxed, Xbox Crystal Boxed, Micro Genius IQ 1000 Famicom Clone

Tabletop: Grandstand Star Force Boxed, Grandstand Scramble Boxed, Grandstand After Burner No Box, Grandstand Astro Wars Boxed, Grandstand Firefox F7 Boxed, Grandstand Firefox F7 No Nox, Grandstand Caveman Boxed, Grandstand Grid Iron Boxed, Grandstand Soccer No Box, Grandstand Talking Tennis Boxed, Nintendo Donkey Kong Jr No Box, Innovator Monster Chase Boxed , Palitoy Cue Ball Boxed, CGL Gunfighters Boxed, CGL Frogger No Box, CGL Super Kong Boxed, Gakken Basketball Boxed, Gakken Defender Boxed, Gakken Super Cobra No Box, Gakken Football No Box, Gakken Amidar No Box, Coleco Galaxian No Box, Entex Pacman 2 Boxed, Entex Turtles Boxed, Entex Soccer Boxed, Entex Stargate No Box, Bambino Basketball Boxed, Bambino Football Boxed, Tomy Kingman Boxed, Tomy Tennis No Box, Tomy Tron No Box, Tomy Alien Chase No Box, Tomytronic Alien Attack Boxed,

Handhelds: Nintendo DS Boxed, Nintendo DSI Red Boxed, Nintendo Gameboy Boxed, Nintendo Gameboy No Box, Nintendo Gameboy Color Boxed, Nintendo Gameboy Color Pink, Nintendo Gameboy Color Green, Nintendo Gameboy Advance Boxed, Nintendo Watch Tetris Boxed, Nintendo Watch Super Mario 3 Boxed, Nintendo G&W Fireman No Box, Nintendo G&W Mario Bros No Box, Nintendo G&W Donkey Kong Hockey, Nintendo Pokemon Mini Boxed, Sega Game Gear Boxed, Grandstand Astro Warriors Boxed, Grandstand Scramble Boxed, Grandstand Pit of Peril No Box, Grandstand Jack & The Beanstalk No Box, Grandstand Ocean Deep No Box, Grandstand After Burner No Box, Grandstand Gladiators No Box, Grandstand Bowling No Box, TomyTronic 3D Boxed, Palitoys Split Second Boxed, CGL Galaxy Invader Boxed, CGL Galaxy Invader 1000 No Box, CGL Grand Prix Boxed, Atari Lynx 2 Boxed, Namco Pac-Land Boxed, Namco Tv Game Boxed, Bandai Dragonball Z Boxed, Parker Bros Jumanji Boxed, Tandy Dinosaur Boxed, Tiger Star Wars Jedi Dex No Box, Tiger Sonic 3 Boxed, Tiger After Burner No Box, Tiger Thunderblade No Box, Tiger Paperboy No Box, Tiger Sonic 2 No Box, Tiger Hang On No Box, Macdonalds Sonic collectables x9

Coctail Arcade: Space Echo 1980