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Profile Of A Retro Gaming Collector

My name's Steve, though online, I'm usually known as Benway.
I'm 47, and live in Worksop, in Nottinghamshire, having left Milton Keynes in '05 to live with my wife, Andrea.

Favourite Music
Afro Celts, Air, Tori Amos, Bauhaus, Belly, Big Country, David Bowie, BT, Kate Bush, Can, Nick Cave, Chemical Brothers, Crystal Method, The Cure, The Damned, Dead Can Dance, Death Cab For Cutie, Depeche Mode, Dirty Three, The Fall, Four Tet, Front 242, Garbage, Peter Gabriel, Lisa Gerrard, Goldfrapp, Kristin Hersh, Joy Division, Laibach, Led Zeppelin, Leftfield, Love and Rockets, Low, Mazzy Star, Minotaur Shock, Moby, Molotov Elysian, New Order, Nine Inch Nails, Gary Numan, Pixies, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Simple Minds, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sisters Of Mercy, Sonic Youth, Swans, Sugarcubes, Talk Talk, This Mortal Coil, Throwing Muses, Tones On Tail, U2, Underworld, Velvet Underground, Yeah Yeah Yeahs... and a lot LOT more besides.

Favourite Movies
The Dark Knight, Bladerunner. LOTR. The Good The Bad And The Ugly, The Matrix, What Dreams May Come, It's A Wonderful Life, A Matter Of Life And Death, Gone With The Wind, Bringing Out The Dead, Day Of The Dead, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, Naked Lunch, anything by Davids Lynch and Cronenberg, Quentin Tarantino or John Woo. Just a few out of a *huge* collection.

Favourite Authors
Isac Asimov, Iain Banks, Greg Bear, William Burroughs, William Gibson, Harry Harrison, Robert Heinlein, Ursula LeGuin, Julian May, David Zindell, plus assorted non-fiction history, psychology, and biography books.

Favourite TV
House, Battlestar Galactica, Flash Forward, V, Wire In The Blood, Invader Zim, Robot Chicken, South Park, Futurama, F1 Grand Prix racing, Top Gear, Two Pints Of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, Twin Peaks, Wild Palms, Big Brother.

Fave Games
Battlefield 1943 (PS3), Half life 2 (PC), Far Cry (PC), Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (PC), Doom & Doom 3 (PC), Gran Turismo 1, 2, 3, & 4 (Playstation 1 & 2), Black (PS2), Shadow Of The Colossus (PS2), Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2), Crazy Taxi (Dreamcast), Nights Into Dreams (Sega Saturn), Manx TT Superbike (Sega Saturn), Sonic The Hedgehog 1 & 2 (Megadrive), Hard Drivin' (Megadrive), Mario Kart (SNES, GBA, N64, GC), Starfox (SNES), Test Drive Unlimited (PSP), Donkey Kong (ColecoVision), Pitfall (Atari 2600), Jetpack (ZX Spectrum) 3D Monster Maze (ZX81) Elite (Acorn Electron), Starship Command (Acorn Electron), Atari's Star Wars Arcade (Amiga), Frontier: Elite 2 (Amiga), Geoff Crammond's Formula One Grand Prix (Amiga), Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker (Amiga), Knights Of The Sky (Amiga), Tempest 2000 (Atari Jaguar), Red Alarm (Virtual Boy), Need For Speed (3DO), Defender (Arcade), Galaxian (Arcade), Battlezone (Arcade)

Like everyone else online, I have profiles all over the net, so for the sake of completeness, here are some of mine.

Benway on YouTube
Benway's YouTube Vlogging Channel
Benway On Facebook
Benway on twitter
Benway on Flickr
Benway on
Benway on Instagram
Benway on Vine

Contact Me

Not wanting to appear unhelpful but I do not respond to the following :
I put that in bold because people were clearly not paying attention :)

1. Unsolicited sales message.

2. Unsolicited link requests from sites that have no relevance to this site.

3. Offers to sell or buy old consoles, computers or games.

4. Requests regarding the value of, or where to buy/sell, vintage consoles/computers, or games. Such questions regarding hardware are already answered on my Price Guide page. If your system isn't listed, then I am no wiser than you at this time. I do not track the value of games.

5. Questions regarding the repair of old games systems. Unfortunately my knowledge of electronics is absolutely zero, and probably less than yours.

6. Questions that you could find the answer to yourself if you spent 5 minutes with google.

I can be emailed at

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